Estelle Turns One

Watching Estelle turn the big 01 was so…surreal. And amazing. We have felt so much love and received so much support from everyone in our lives that I couldn’t bring myself to do a toast at her party. I knew I would burst into tears and I wouldn’t have the excuse that I was pregnant and it would just be a big hot mess.

ANYWAYS, I received the loveliest letter from Alek’s sister Leanna. She is supremely smart and supremely funny and her letter summed up how I felt about Estelle’s birthday (and our lives in general) so perfectly, I had to share.

From Lone Star guacamole and chips brought to my postpartum recovery room to the surprise balloon arch waiting when we showed up at the big birthday bash,  thank you, thank you, thank you, for the last year.

Alek + Natalia,

It was so much fun hanging out with you this trip. I’m pleased that you finally got some heirloom furniture in my room, but I will always have fond memories of sleeping on your couch.

I loved being there for Estelle’s first birthday. You surround yourselves with such fun, remarkable, interesting people: like the center of this perfect, glowing universe. I’m so lucky to be a part of it, and I love that your friends are always automatically my friends. Even Especially the ones I made out with.

I love Alek’s rambling stories and firehouse BBQs and leaving me with crying Estelle. I miss being a part of your everyday lives, but I always feel like I fit right in. You two mean a lot to me, and one of these days, Nat will actually visit me instead of playing with my emotions. (I’ll make you do the 5K freedom run again as punishment).

Love you!


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