File This Post Under TMI: The Greatest Irony of Pregnancy

One night Alek and I were snuggled up in bed and — as he is often wont to do — Alek grabbed a handful.

Man, your boobs are SO awesome.”

“I know, right??!! They’re the greatest irony of pregnancy.”

“Um, what?”

“From the minute you find out you’re pregnant your boobs start to grow. But the first few weeks, when you basically still have your thin(ish) body with these fascinating, ever-changing ever-bigger boobs, you’re just not up to the task of enjoying them, you know? The heart is willing, but the body just wants to sleep and/or puke. By the time you’re feeling SO MUCH better and have SO MUCH more energy your belly is catching up, and then quickly surpassing, your ever-growing breasts. Then, when your boobs are at their most luscious and ripe state and your body is back(ish), you’ve got milk leaking out all over the place – or so I’ve been told. Meanwhile, your baby is sucking them dry, never to return to their former glorious state.” 

[Alek is now curled up in a ball on the other side of the bed, laughing hysterically.]

“Please please PLEASE tell me you will write down what you just said, word for word. Just like that. Aaaaahhhhhh, I love you Babah.”

You’re welcome.

And I love you too.

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