Love and Dexter

Wow. All work and no play makes Natalie a dull blogger. I think I actually spent more time awake at the office in October and November than I did awake at home. (And I have the laundry pile to show for it.) But figuring out those numbers exactly sounds really boring, no?

One of the effects of being at the office so much and sleeping so little is that I’ve been super sick…twice. Sidenote: Please, for the love of all that his holy, work from home if you’re feeling sick!

So, today I’m sitting here on the couch, sick, and trying to catch up on my life. (Oh yeah, you know it, that laundry pile is still sitting here beside me.)

Anyhoo, my DVR is getting full and I have been saving an episode of this season of Dexter because I wanted to write about it. So, while there is much to blog about right now, I must talk about Dexter first to free up some space before Walking Dead, Archer and Justified come back from hiatus.

Now, if you don’t watch Dexter, you probably think it’s about a serial killer. If you do watch Dexter, you know that while yes, there are thrills and intrigue, the reason the show is so utterly brilliant is that it is really about about finding your humanity.

This season is about my favorite topic: Love. And this bit of dialogue between Dexter and the man who wants to kill him is just, well, it’s perfect.

Love and Dexter. Who knew?

Isaak: “That’s how love is. It’s a powerful weapon. It can work for us or against us can’t it?”

Dexter: “I don’t understand much about love.”

Isaak: “That’s because you’re a scientist. Love defies reason.”

Dexter: “Nothing defies reason.”

Isaak: “I suppose the heart knows something that we just don’t know.”

Dexter: “Maybe the heart is just wrong.”

Isaak: “Oh, I doubt that. Love can be inconvenient, perhaps inappropriate. It can be dangerous…make us do things we wouldn’t dream of doing. But wrong? That just depends on where we end up, doesn’t it?”

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