Not shown: the back of the helmet, which reads “I love my brain.” I mean, this helmet is six kinds of awesome.

Alek: OK, there are a couple of different styles. I like the ones that look more skater than biker.

Me: Oh yeah, I am ALL OVER that.

Alek: You can really get whatever you want.

Me: I want that one.

Alek [moving down the wall o’ helmets]: Really, you don’t have to get that style just because I like it. Here’s what your Dad has.

Me [not moving]: I mean, how perfect is it?? [pitch rising] It’s a melon for your MELON! GET IT?!

Alek: Oh yeah, I get it.

Me: I want that one. Bad. I hope they have it in a large.

Alek [head cocked to the side]: Aww, Babah, you don’t need a large.

Me: Have you SEEN my head??

Alek [trails off]: Aww…

Me: YES! They have an L/XL. Done. Sold. MELONS!!!!!

Alek: Now you can go home and cry yerself to sleep on yer HUUUUGGGEEE pillah.

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  1. Kim

    Ok…I have always thought your hubby was awesome, but now I know that he quotes So I Married An Axe Murder, he is forever awesomel!! Did I ever tell you that someone stole my Premier Video pre-released VHS copy of So I Married An Axe Murderer? It was the only reason I still had a VCR! My kids quote SIMAAM too 😉
    Love the bike helmet BTW.

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