Texts from Alek

Technically this was a facebook post from Alek, but it was just too damn awesome not to remember forever.

So are we all in on getting a house? Lisa and I talked about it at feBREWary and we thought it was a great idea (many things were that night re: shoulder rides and chair dancing). What does everyone think?

[a string of comments ensue]

What?!?! Natalie told me this morning that she wants to stay at the KOA in a tent or there is also a sweet ass youth hostel, probably we will just sleep in my truck in some abandoned parking lot – that’s what Natalie said she wants to do, “it’s just sleeping and eating out of a cooler, no big deal, I’d love to sleep in a parking lot” direct quote from Natalie, this morning, I heard it with my own ears, so….

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