It is what it is.

This year, the fabulous Wendy from Blue Lily Photography did the Grand-babies photo shoot in the most off the hook beautiful orchard located on the grounds of a psychiatric hospital (Seriously. It is incredible.) Sidebar: I’m not gonna lie, it was kind of weird to have a photo shoot without Jodi (kind of like how when you move out of state and go to a different hairdresser, it’s just feels wrong…but I digress…). Wendy was so so lovely and so so SO SO great with the kids.

Mom and Janaan pulled the wardrobe together and made special bows to match and got the kids ready and hauled them down to Provo and all I had to do was some simple Auntie reinforcement. You know, bring water and try to amuse the kids. I brought water, but the kids, well, there was just no amusing them. They were all tired, Alexis wasn’t feeling well, G-Zilla was dialed up to an 11, Eliza was stressed out and Future Boy, well, he’s such a little trouper. All of this had been going on for hours and by the time I got there the kids were in full meltdown mode. Needless to say, my Mom is a saint.

In the end we decided that it is what it is and sometimes you have to shrug your shoulders and accept that despite your best efforts, the final outcome will be screaming and tears, because that’s what happened. It’s beautiful nonetheless.

Someday we’ll laugh about it.


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