For Christmas, we decided to buy tickets to Hawaii for our Co-Birthday-Week-A-Palooza. Since we’ve been too busy to take a honeymoon,  Janaan said that this trip should TECHNICALLY be our honeymoon, even though we TECHNICALLY have other plans for our REAL honeymoon. Which will in all likelihood be a Honeymoon-Iversary-Palooza. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 
Thus our 8 days in Maui turned into a Holiday-Birthday-Birthday-Honeymoon Part 1-O-Rama (just for good measure)-Palooza (I do love a Palooza, don’t you?)
The last few weeks [I mean months, wait, I mean years] have been busy. And I haven’t slept. In weeks [months, years]. And neither had Alek. So our goal for this trip was a “reset.” In other words, to spend lots of time together, to relax, to sleep, to eat delicious food and to do, quite literally, NOTHING. 
I’ve decided that people (and I put myself in this category) have a hard time first of all, just doing nothing. And they REALLY have a hard time doing nothing on vacation.  (Sidebar: A couple of years ago my friend Sara and I came up with the sport-hobby of “beaching.” Again, this is to make one feel better about not doing anything on vacation. So, if someone asks what you did on vacation or what you’re planning to do on vacation you can just say “Oh, we’re beaching.” Like it’s a THING. And then they feel better and you feel better about all of your nothing-doing.)
THE POINT IS, Alek and I were focused. We were diligent. We made ZERO plans. Other than our flights, we had NO SCHEDULE.
Did we go on the road to Hana? No.
Did we see the Haleakala Crater? No.
Did we…? No. No we didn’t. 
And this is what happened, every day of our trip:
It was the Best.Vacation.Ever.
The highlights of the Do-Nothing-Holiday-O-Rama-Palooza
We rented a condo so we took our trusty blender bottles with us to have Junkyard Smoothies every morning (yeah, we made the inevitable Costco run that everyone who rents a condo must make). On our stop in SFO Alek spotted this totally rad Globaltap thingy. We are hippies (and nerds) and thus we were pretty excited to fill up our bottles with water. I really hope this idea takes off and these suckers are everywhere because it’s annoying to fill up a water bottle at a drinking fountain.

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