The Diet Coke and The Bug and The Joy Bank

This last week has been…dark. And cloudy. And sad. And stressful. And it’s been hard to feel hopeful that the things that have made this last week dark and cloudy and sad and stressful will change. And every day of the last week I’ve thought about the video that Dr. Brene Brown did for Paper Coterie’s launch last year. Dr. Brown talks about living wholehearted every day, about finding joy every day, and putting that every day joy in a “bank.” Because when hard times come, (and they most certainly will) the joy bank is how you make it through.

I am so, SO grateful that Tiffany introduced me to Brene Brown’s work because it transformed the way that I look at every day.

Even today, amidst all the chaos, there was so much joy to be put in the bank. And one particularly hilarious moment where Janaan thought she was gently blowing a bug off of her hand, which TOTALLY would have worked except she had a mouth full of diet coke.

Yes, I feel hopeful. WE feel hopeful. And when the shit hits the fan, watching our family rally is a thing of joy unto itself.

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