Texts from Alek

  A little bit of back story. I discovered speculoos cookie butter a few months ago. Bruges Waffles has it as a topping option. It tastes like heaven. And with a Bruges Waffle it’s like heaven on top of heaven. Anyways, my Mom got really hot on it as well, and now when anyone we know goes to Trader Joe’s we have them bring us back a few jars…or a case. Whatever.
My new thing is having a spoonful of it after dinner as a little treat. What can I say? I like a little heavenly sweetness at the end of the evening. Sometimes I’m sad that our wacky liquor laws prevent Trader Joe’s from coming to this state (although, for the record, even without wine sales that place would KILL here), mostly, I’m glad that cookie butter is only available to me in limited quantities.
And thus this text from Alek to my Mom was born.
March 18, 2012 – 11:15 PM
“Scraped clean…with a spoon!!! If Nat could only get her tongue in there…”

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