Powerful You

photo of bad-ass Chelsea courtesy of Absolute MMA

I’ve talked about my insanely cool friend Chelsea. She is brilliant, thoughtful, loving, hilarious, articulate, and passionate and every time I see her she blows open my mind. Every.time.

She is finishing up her Bachelor’s Degree at the U of U with a double major in political science and gender studies and her intention is to pursue a PhD in gender studies and create curriculum for grade schools designed to prevent violence against women. Did I mention she just earned her blue belt in Behring Jiu Jitsu?

Yeah. Mind blowing.

Janaan asked Chelsea for recommendations on a book about being a more powerful woman. Chelsea being Chelsea went to great lengths to recommend the right book – talking to all of her professors and mentors and getting their opinions on what would hit the mark. Then, she had to find a used copy of the book because it’s out of print. Then, she wrapped up the book in a cute bag and wrote Janaan a note on a cute card and blew our minds again:

Ultimately I really just wanted to give you this to tell you, from one woman to another, that I don’t think there is a book in the world that can make you more powerful than you already are. Everyone has something to say about how to be a powerful, perfect, classic mother, woman, wife and daughter. All of the books I have read seem to tell me one thing: don’t be a powerful woman, be a powerful YOU. Do what makes you happy. Fulfill all of your expectations and others will always perceive you as powerful.

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