Thank God for Poets

Remember when I was talking about how I felt about marriage now? My friend Chelsea found this poem and it is oh, so eloquent and describes what I am trying to say so perfectly.

I’m so happy there are poets in the world! And so happy that Chelsea is in the world too.

“To Love is Not to Possess” 

To love is not to possess,
To own or imprison,
Nor to lose one’s self in another.
Love is to join and separate,
To walk alone and together,
To find a laughing freedom
That lonely isolation does not permit.
It is finally to be able
To be who we really are
No longer clinging in childish dependency
Nor docilely living separate lives in silence,
It is to be perfectly one’s self
And perfectly joined in permanent commitment
To another–and to one’s inner self.
Love only endures when it moves like waves,
Receding and returning gently or passionately,
Or moving lovingly like the tide
In the moon’s own predictable harmony,
Because finally, despite a child’s scars
Or an adult’s deepest wounds,
They are openly free to be
Who they really are–and always secretly were,
In the very core of their being
Where true and lasting love can alone abide. 

                                                              — James Kavanaugh

2 responses to Thank God for Poets

  1. I love this and I looooved that post about marriage and Chelsea is a bad-ass and I’m so glad to know both of you.
    The end.

  2. Aaaaw, you make my heart swell, Natalie! I’m so happy that I stumbled upon this during my “feminist wedding” research and could share!

    Kellie, I’m so glad to know you. At your house on Saturday I looked at Ben and told him, “Ty and Kellie are going to be together forever.” You two are awesome individuals who have converged to create the most adorable and amazing couple!

    I sure do appreciate both of you women!

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