Alek worked last weekend so I took the opportunity to not put on any make-up and take some quality time to finally go through the giant stack of mail that was sitting on our desk, taunting me. (Our desk is so out of control right now that I’ve started referring to it as “The Situation.” But I digress…)

There was a letter from Costco with a product recall for Excedrin. This caused me a little bit of concern because, well, I.LOVE.EXCEDRIN. I love it. I do experience the occasional migraine and Excedrin is the only thing that does the trick. Oh yes, I’ve tried them all, blue, yellow, different, but Excedrin is the only one for me. Headache? Yes. Hangover? Yes. Just need a little kick first thing in the morning? Why not? And if I have sore muscles, say after every single half marathon that I run but never train for? A couple of Excedrin and an 800mg Ibuprofen? MONEY!

Now this isn’t just me, this is the whole Fam Damily. Fact: if you were at my Mom’s house for Sunday dinner and asked if anyone had an Excedrin you would find some in my computer bag, my purse, Mom’s purse, Janaan’s purse, Janaan’s diaper bag, Tina’s purse, Alek’s computer bag, in the kitchen medicine cabinet, in the end tables in the master bedroom, in the master bathroom and in my parent’s offices. I also have a back-up in my desk at work and in my car. I am never too far away from an Excedrin.

So, the recall. Basically it was for any bottle of Excedrin purchased between January 2009 and January 2011 with an expiration date before December 2014. Apparently there were some broken pills and other pills getting mixed in with those batches. No issues reported, they were just being super cautious. Aww. Thanks Costco. The letter included the lot #’s for the bottles that I had purchased at Costco during that time period.

There were five bottles on the list.


That’s 1,500 Excedrin in two years. And those are just the Excedrin that I’ve bought at Costco.

Holy hell.

I took out the one (yes, one) gigantar bottle from Costco that I currently have. I poured out the remaining 50-ish pills and carefully inspected them. All whole. All with perfectly stamped little E’s on them.

I recommitted myself to starting better sleep habits.

And then, I’m not gonna lie, I put the rest of the pills back in the container, recycled the letter and that was that. Then I called my Mom and Dad. They got a letter too. So did Janaan. We all laughed and laughed. Did Costco really think those bottles would stick around for two years?

Not in this family.

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