Fight for Air Climb 2012

Alek participated in the Utah Fight for Air Climb last Saturday. 
“The Fight For Air Climb is a unique race event where participants race up the stairs of the Wells Fargo Center. They start at different times, so it is not a mad dash up the stairs. Each climber is given a timing chip and timed as they ascend the 598 steps.”
There are two types of climbers: 1. sane people in running shorts and tanktops and 2. firefighters decked out in full turnouts, boots, helmets and airpacks – adding an additional 50-60 lbs of gear, give or take.  There is much good-natured sh*t-talking that occurs amongst the various departments and this was the first year that West Valley had a team. 
Alek did his usual make-you-want-to-puke workouts to prepare for the event…except that he did them twice a day. 
In all seriousness, he worked really hard and ended up finishing the climb in 6:07.  The team finished in 6th place (out of 17 departments) which was phenomenal given that only the top 4 finishers were included in the team average, and West Valley only had 4 runners total. 
Needless to say, the guys are already plotting out strategies for next year.
I may or may not have promised a sexy picture of Alek in turnout gear to anyone who contributed to his run. This generated a surprising amount of donations and both of us are extremely grateful to our generous friends and family who supported Alek and a great cause. 

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