Two Miles with a Russian Twist

So, the other day I’m driving home and yakking my face off to Alek and we figure out that we’re both going to be at my parent’s house for the evening because the bane of my existence (my incredibly tiny washing machine) needs a new something thingie and is out of commission for a few days.

Yeah, we’re basically doing laundry at my parent’s house, OK? Look, it’s SO much nicer than a laundromat. It’s all warm and delicious and full of DIRECTV…and love. Come to think of it, I probably should give my Mom a roll of quarters or something.

Back to yakking my face of to Alek. I decide that instead of going to the gym I’ll work out at my parent’s home gym. Then I can hang out with Alek AND workout. Multitasking baby! I told Alek I needed to run. Alek said I needed to move my cardio imagination beyond the treadmill. And when I got there, Alek had put together a little circuit for me:

Alek had already worked out TWICE that day (yeah, you read that right.) So he did laundry and checked in on me enough to push me to do 5 rounds of the circuit instead of 4 (tricky, tricky bastard) and sprint to the finish on the last mile.

I ran the two fastest miles of my life. And I didn’t puke (I totally ALMOST puked, but kept it together. Yes! Success!) AAAAANNNNNDDDD it still took me 43 minutes. Mostly because I hate burpees. I mean I.HATE.BURPEES. I hate them so much that I probably did 50% more than were on the circuit because I was so focused on distracting my mind away from the fact that I was doing burpees that I lost count of where I was at.

Alek was totally right. I do need to move my cardio beyond the treadmill. This circuit was fun. I mean, like, FUN. And it totally kicked my ass…and my core, and my legs, and my arms.

I was talking about it at the office the next day as I dove into a massive Cafe Rio salad (yeah, you read that right) and my colleague, Jenae Frick of YogaEatRun decided she was going to give it a whirl over the weekend. So visit her blog to get the low-down on this circuit as well as a demo video of each exercise.

Really, if you’re interested you should totally watch her video because I’ve explained it to a bunch of friends and a couple of people tried it and openly mocked how long it took me, only to find out later that you do FIVE rounds of the circuit. Also, Jenae knew immediately that the “Ab Balls” (a.k.a. “you like get into boat pose with a ball and then go from side to side and touch it to the ground”) are called “Russian Twists.”

So there you have it, two miles with a Russian Twist, or rather 100 Russian Twists. As Jenae says – “Sweat like a Pig. Work like a Horse. Look like a Fox.” Too right. It’s totally worked for Alek.


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