Today’s Obituary: An Ode to Chicken In A Biskit

You know how you get to talking about random stuff on a road trip? Well on our way to Bear Lake for New Year’s Eve we decided that the real reason that some people read the obituaries every day is that they secretly want to know EXACTLY how people died. And when someone dies young, and there is no information about how they died, it’s kind of a disappointment, although you’d never, ever, say that out loud of course. 
So Alek and I made a pact, if either of us dies young, we are going to put EXACTLY how we died in the obituary. We can put in all of the nice stuff too, of course, but we want to give all of those obituary readers out there at least one day of satisfaction. 
As we were driving home today I suddenly pictured how my new and improved obituary would read:
“Natalie died when her car hit black ice in Logan Canyon and she was launched from the back-seat through the front windshield. Natalie wasn’t wearing a seat-belt because she decided to polish off the rest of a box of Chicken-In-A-Biskit crackers seeing as it was New Years Day, the last day of pure unadulterated holiday binging and spent several minutes digging around (without her seat-belt on) through several bags in the backseat of her car before she found said crackers.”
I told Alek if that happened he was welcome to submit my obituary as a customer testimonial to Nabisco.


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