Shazam! Shells of Silver

I am OBSESSED with The Japanese Popstars “Shells of Silver.” Like many many MANY songs I’ve Shazam’d lately, it was on an episode of Gossip Girl. (Does that show have the best music or what? But I digress…)

This song is sexy and soulful and dreamy and full of love and sadness and longing and it’s oh, so perfect.

when the cold of the day moves over
and the warmth of the night moves in
there’s a howling that sticks beneath my skin

so i try to stay warm and moving
but the silence is just too strong
like the bloom of a’ rose is sharp and long

shells of silver
shells of silver
shells of silver

This feels strange, as the closer we get to the grave

everybody wants love, but it’s not enough

to have a good heart, but it’s not enough


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