Shazam! Gossip Girl

I’m not gonna lie. I love Gossip Girl. (Now that I’ve accepted that it is a straight up soap opera that is.) I can’t get enough of star-crossed lovers Chuck and Blair. The clothes. And especially the music. Case in point, yesterday’s episode featured three Shazam worthy/download worthy tunes.
Bravo to you, music picker-outer of Gossip Girl! I love you most of all.

Concrete Wall | Zee Avi
Boom sha-clack-clack…Boom sha-clack-clack..
Wicked Game | James Vincent McMorrow
Sidebar, James Vincent McMorrow also sings on Shells of Silver, which I am completely and utterly obsessed with, which also came from Gossip Girl. So that took me down a whole James Vincent McMorrow tangent in iTunes. All of his songs are oh so sexy and sad and tragic and delicious. MMMMMmmmmmm…. 
Outro | M83 
I am also obsessed with M83’s Midnight City, and, for the record, I was hot on this song way way before that Victoria’s Secret commercial.

Boom sha-clack-clack…


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  1. Christina

    I’ve been looking for the “boom sha clack clack” song after I watched the latest gg- episode, so thank you for posting it 😉 😉

  2. So I found an insanely beautiful James Vincent McMorrow song on a CW show as well…maybe they have the same music editors. Regardless, “we don’t eat” if you haven’t heard it yet. I’m obsessed.

  3. Hey fellow GG addict! The first step to recovery is admitting…right!? I’ve just recently admitted my obsession due to actual withdrawals!! (AHH!) THANK YOU for posting the “boom sha clack clack” song and the others too!! Great finds and it’s so nice to “meet” another gg addict!

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