Jodi Palmer, You’ve Made My Life Yummy

A few months ago, I told Jodi that I would write a little testimonial for A Yummy Life Photography. That, like so many other things, got lost in my post-wedding-new-job-haze. Well, this weekend Jodi announced that she is pregnant (yay!) and is taking a hiatus from A Yummy Life (what?!).

I’m not gonna lie, this news made me a wee bit misty. And, whether Jodi is taking photos or not, I want her to know how I feel. 

Jodi is one of those women that keeps it all together so beautifully, that I forget that in addition to A Yummy Life, taking care of her own happiness, her husband, her gorgeous boys and her lovely home, she has a full time job that she is also extremely good at.

I have been doing what I’m doing for over 15 years now. Every single year my performance review is the same. I need to start saying no. I need to focus on the “not urgent, but important” projects more. I have a tendency to over-promise and under-deliver. I don’t know that I’ve ever really mastered the art of priorities and saying no. So I greatly admire someone that can do that. And I know the immense sense of relief that comes from saying no, even when it is really hard to do.

So Jodi, I admire you for being able to say no and to do what is right for you. But that doesn’t mean that I am not incredibly sad. The Whole Fam Damily had big plans for you this year. Big, big plans. You are leaving huge shoes to fill.

When I moved back to Utah, we had family pictures taken for the first time in many years. When I asked who was taking them, my Mom said Jodi. I remember thinking “Huh! Jodi is taking pictures now!”

And so began Jodi chronicling what has been the happiest period of my life. Our family. The arrival of my gorgeous niece and nephew. My home. My courtship with Alek. My engagement. My Wedding. Parties. Portraits. She has been a constant presence in our lives.

The thing about Jodi is this: she is so happy and so laid back and so easy to work with. She arrives with a bag and a camera and deals with any conditions that are thrown at her. And I think every single Jenkins/House shoot has been a challenge. Hot weather. Windy weather. Cold weather. Windy weather. Rainy weather. Windy weather. Snowy weather. (Have I mentioned wind yet?) Crying babies. Sick babies. Sick adults. And we’re running late. Always.

And every time, EVERY TIME, Jodi quietly captures these moments that no one else can see. These beautiful, tiny moments that say everything about a person and a place and a moment in time.

I’ve always said that Jodi’s gift is documenting a feeling. I think it’s perfect that she chose to call her business A Yummy Life. See, it’s not just my couch, it’s all of the love that I’ve felt in my house. It’s being HOME. It’s the look that G has when you catch her plotting her next move – such a scoundrel. It’s E’s fragility and sensitivity. It’s seeing myself such a way that I can accept (and love) the outside like I do the inside. It’s our inside jokes. It’s the way that we laugh. It’s the evolution of our family. It’s everything in its right place. Jodi’s photos do all of that.

I have so many photos of these yummy moments, but I wanted to share my absolute favorites from the past three years.

Jodi, you are wonderful and I love you. (And I do hope this means that we’ll be seeing more of you this year.)



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  1. Natalie, I am in tears. I have never had anyone write about me let alone an entire blog post! Thank you for all of the kind words. Don’t worry this is just a blip in the scheme of things. I do believe I had committed to sessions before my announcement and I will be sticking to those. xoxo

  2. Aww…I got all teary in this post. My home is filled with images captured by Jodi. And every single one of them makes my heart happy.

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