Dirty Little Secret.

So, here’s the thing. We live in a about 870 square feet. There are two adults and a small, blind dog that does exactly two things – beg for treats and lay around. So you’d think we could keep the house clean, right? (In my defense, I actually think that our house is mostly clean. Messiness, well that’s another matter entirely. Unless you are ON IT, within a matter of minutes the place can be a complete and utter disaster. But I digress…)

Here’s the other thing. We don’t really have a huge amount of down-time at home so when we’re both here together at a decent hour with no obligations and a packed DVR, it just seems like a tragedy to have to spend time cleaning. When it’s just me here at a decent hour, I usually have about a million other things to do. (Alright, that’s an exaggeration, it’s more like twelve-thousand things to do.)

To make a long story short, we now have a housekeeper. She whisks in here like sunshine does her magic once a week. And yes, I do mean magic. Some people are about the weekend, but my favorite night, by far is Thursday night.

Tonight we walked in the house at 11:00 and this is what awaited us:

Aaaaahhhhhhh. Bliss.

At first, I had a hard time telling people that we had a housekeeper. Frankly, I felt like less of a woman. I mean, I know I can’t craft or bake or take great photos or sew or cook. I am not raising another human being to be a productive, capable, polite, contributing member of society.

I shouldn’t admit that I can’t do it all, right? I especially shouldn’t admit that of all the things I can’t do, finding time to clean 900 square feet every week is on the list.

Why can’t I keep it together? What is my problem?

So I decided to just bury it away. No one needed to know.

But when I’d walk into the Chocolate Loft on Bliss Thursdays, I wanted to tell the world! I wanted to spread the joy! All of the hard work that had been done while I was away meant that I had a precious gift back: time.

Time to put up a Christmas tree and send Christmas cards. Time to wrap presents. Time that meant that for the first time in three years, I was not so stressed out that I found myself sitting on the floor, crying in frustration, in the middle of a Christmas Eve meltdown.

I had time to write. Time to read. Time to work. Time to work-out. And most importantly, time to just sit and BE with Alek.

Like I said, bliss.

Anyone that knows me knows how I love to blather on and on about my latest obsessions. Well my latest obsession is my incredibly hard working always cheerful and supremely good at what she does housekeeper. She is worth every penny.

And if it makes me less of a woman…so be it.


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