Be Merry | 2011

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(a.k.a. The super-happy, exhausted, fun-filled, caffeinated party that never sleeps, but seriously needs some.)

Last night Alek and I had dinner with some new friends from our building. We’ve been saying for months that we should have dinner together and we finally got it together and we had SUCH a great time. Like, it took MAYBE 30 seconds for us to settle into conversation like we had been friends for ages and there were no weird awkward silences. I think if we didn’t all have to work today that it would have been one of those “How did it get to be 2:00 AM?” kind of nights. Alek and I were semi-giddy when we got home, comparing notes:

“Did you have as much fun as I did?”
“I know, right?!”
“I know, right!??”

Tonight, The Chad had an absolutely lovely dinner party for our team and their significant others. He opened up his home to all of us. He and his amazing wife Petra spent 14 hours preparing a delicious meal comprised of all of his favorite foods that he wanted to share with us. We prayed together and broke bread together and got a glimpse of each other as our non-work selves. We rolled dice together and laughed together and washed dishes together. And I felt SO lucky and SO humbled to have the opportunity to spend every day with these smart, talented, fun people.

On the way home it hit me, what 2011 has been all about: the hard-working, loving, magical, wonderful, funny, smart, talented people in my life. I am surrounded by utterly incredible people every single day. My family, Alek’s family, the people that I work with, the people that Alek works with, our lifelong friends and the friends that we just made last night.

This is the year that it registered, with so much clarity, how much love there is in the world for me and how much love there is in my heart for every single person in my life.

Thank you for sharing your time, your energy and your talents with me. Thank you for listening to me and for sharing yourself with me. Thank you for challenging me to grow and change and think differently and do better. Thank you for everything you do to make my life easier. Thank you for making me think and most importantly, for making me laugh. Thank you for giving me your heart and letting me give you mine.

And if I don’t have the chance to see you very often, know this: I love your LinkedIn messages, your @replies, your “likes”, your status updates, your hearts, your comments, your texts, your emails, your phone calls and your Christmas cards (oh, how I love Christmas cards.)

I love being connected to you. I love having you in my life. From the bottom of my heart, I LOVE YOU. I do not take you for granted and I can’t wait to spend another year together.


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  1. Katrine Davie

    Every year I anticipate your card and wonder how you are going to out-do the previous year’s….you always manage too. This year’s card was gorgeous!! I am thankful that even though we don’t work together anymore, live in the same state or talk that often we still stay connected! xoxox

  2. Chad just showed me your blog….I love your posts. Thanks for all the compliments about Chad, be thinks the world of you.

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