[3] Things I Learned at the Kid Rock CARE Concert

Kid Rock is really, really, REALLY good live. Really good. Kid Rock can sing. Kid Rock can play the guitar. Kid Rock can play the drums. Kid Rock can spin a mad turntable. Also, Kid Rock is super-sexy, in a street-wise hillbilly kind of way. 


My friend Christi is a total bad-ass and can work a GA crowd like no one I’ve ever seen. Need to four-wheel through a dirt parking lot to get a great parking space? No problem, she’ll even back the car in. (Me: “Wow, Christi, I’m a little turned on right now.” Scott: “I’m a little scared right now….aaaaannnndddd a little turned on.”) Need to get a wrist-band for the 21+ level of the club? Christi finds a bouncer wandering around and we totally cut the massive line at the stairs. Need to mow through a thousand people to get in the beer line? Done. Need to get closer to the stage? No problem. Christi knows someone who knows someone who happens to have a great spot on the main floor. Someone standing a little too close, maybe rubbing up on you a little too much? Count on Christi to turn around, give a polite smile, and tell him/her to “Back the F**K off.” Oh, and that sweet parking space that the car is backed into means that you’re out of the parking lot afterwards in, oh, approximately 37-seconds.


Kid Rock has a heart of gold. He is living proof that you can have fun, make money AND do good.

The purpose of the CARE tour is to support the Kid Rock foundation AND local charities at each tour stop.  As the lyric says:

I cant stop the war
Shelter homeless, feed the poor
Cant walk on water I cant save your sons and daughters
I cant change the world to make things fair
The least that I can do is care

The show would have been a bargain at twice the price.

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