That, just happened.

Something happened tonight that I’m still trying to wrap my head around. It was too epic to fit into a tweet, so, here we are.

My friend Ashley called me tonight to see if I wanted to meet up with her and some of her friends to grab a drink. They were at a bar called the Twilight Lounge. I’ve never been to this bar. Apparently because I am far, far too old for this bar. See, 92% of the people were wearing black-rimmed-nerd-glasses, skinny jeans, baggy beanies, plaid shirts unbuttoned WWWWAAAAYYY too far, and vintage oxford shoes. 50% of the 92% were smoking and a large majority of those people had body odor. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally cool with the smoking. The body odor? Not so much.

Sidebar: Is it really hip to not wear deodorant? Am I out of touch with the times?

ANYWAYS, I buy a couple of beers and as I stand at the bar I look around and find myself thinking “I am way, WAY not hip enough to be in this bar.” It’s crowded, and making my way back to our table I am blocked by a guy. And this is how it all goes down:

Me: “Excuse me.”

Hipster 1: “Oh, sorry.” Steps aside and looks at me, puzzled. “Hey, you’re like, a MILF.”

My jaw slowly starts to drop open as I formulate a response.

Hipster 2: “Nnnnnoooo.”

Inside I’m thinking: “Oh thank God.”

Hipster 2: “You’re, like, a COUGAR.”

I mean, let’s face it, there is no response to that so I just move on. Ashley says “Well, at least that means you’re pretty, right?” But, if you get called a Cougar MILF by a smelly hipster that finds it acceptable to lift up his shirt and scratch his tattooed belly in the middle of a bar, could that possibly count as a compliment?


Thanksgiving 2011

We had a very “adult” Thanksgiving this year. Not in an obscene kind of way, in a we all fit on the same table and no sippy cups were thrown kind of way. Janaan put together a fabulous setting and we sat down to a really lovely meal. We toasted to my Mom’s incredible cooking…and babies that nap at the same time.
We were all grateful that my Aunt Marcie brought a cooler full of croissant dough all the way from Trader Joes in L.A. (If you haven’t tried them yet, the frozen croissants from Trader Joe’s are TO.DIE.FOR.) 
There was fresh limeade, whipped sweet potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes and smoked turkey from Sonny Bryan’s (SO GOOD). And Mom brought back, by popular demand, The Pioneer Woman’s Pecan Pie That’ll Make You Cry and Whiskey Maple Cream Sauce. That Whiskey Maple Cream Sauce tastes like heaven. HEAVEN!!
Each year we go around the table and say what we’re thankful for. This always makes me cry. ALWAYS. I could probably start crying right now thinking about what I am going to say next year. But this year has been an especially incredible year with a lot to be thankful for. So, I tried to say what was in my heart and it just came out in this random stream of consciousness mixed up with a bunch of squeaks. Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

And now for a super-sexy Thanksgiving picture of me and Alek.

Oh yeah, we watched Punkin’ Chunkin’. And it did not dissapoint. Not one bit.

Have I mentioned that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday? A day spent surrounded by family, reflecting on all of the love in your heart while eating over-the-top delicious food while watching hillbilly mechanical engineers launch specially grown pumpkins from a top secret pumpkin patch nearly a mile? How can it not be?

Shazam! The Official Anthem of Winter

JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

A friend of ours shared this video on the FB. Alek projected it from his iPhone to the AppleTV. I Shazamed! it from my iPhone. Yes, I love technology. Yes, we are nerds.

Alek: “I love this song.”


Alek: “This is the PERFECT snowboarding song.”

I turn to Alek and look at him with excitement, the kind of excitement you’d have in your eyes if you were a senile old man that had just put two and two together. The kind of excitement that a puppy dog has when he finds a loose roll of toilet paper:

“Ooh! Does my snowboarding helmet have the iPod hook-up thingy in it?”

Alek turns and looks at me with love, the kind of love you’d have in your eyes for your senile grandpa. The kind of love you have for your new puppy dog, the one who just got into some harmless mischief:

“Oh Babah, it’s going to be a LLLLLOOOONNNNGGG time before you’re listening to music while you snowboard.”

For those of you that have the skills to snowboard and listen to music at the same time, the song is Get Yrself Clean, from LCD soundsystem.

Be Merry | 2011

The House of House
Alek + Natalie
(a.k.a. The super-happy, exhausted, fun-filled, caffeinated party that never sleeps, but seriously needs some.)

Last night Alek and I had dinner with some new friends from our building. We’ve been saying for months that we should have dinner together and we finally got it together and we had SUCH a great time. Like, it took MAYBE 30 seconds for us to settle into conversation like we had been friends for ages and there were no weird awkward silences. I think if we didn’t all have to work today that it would have been one of those “How did it get to be 2:00 AM?” kind of nights. Alek and I were semi-giddy when we got home, comparing notes:

“Did you have as much fun as I did?”
“I know, right?!”
“I know, right!??”

Tonight, The Chad had an absolutely lovely dinner party for our team and their significant others. He opened up his home to all of us. He and his amazing wife Petra spent 14 hours preparing a delicious meal comprised of all of his favorite foods that he wanted to share with us. We prayed together and broke bread together and got a glimpse of each other as our non-work selves. We rolled dice together and laughed together and washed dishes together. And I felt SO lucky and SO humbled to have the opportunity to spend every day with these smart, talented, fun people.

On the way home it hit me, what 2011 has been all about: the hard-working, loving, magical, wonderful, funny, smart, talented people in my life. I am surrounded by utterly incredible people every single day. My family, Alek’s family, the people that I work with, the people that Alek works with, our lifelong friends and the friends that we just made last night.

This is the year that it registered, with so much clarity, how much love there is in the world for me and how much love there is in my heart for every single person in my life.

Thank you for sharing your time, your energy and your talents with me. Thank you for listening to me and for sharing yourself with me. Thank you for challenging me to grow and change and think differently and do better. Thank you for everything you do to make my life easier. Thank you for making me think and most importantly, for making me laugh. Thank you for giving me your heart and letting me give you mine.

And if I don’t have the chance to see you very often, know this: I love your LinkedIn messages, your @replies, your “likes”, your status updates, your hearts, your comments, your texts, your emails, your phone calls and your Christmas cards (oh, how I love Christmas cards.)

I love being connected to you. I love having you in my life. From the bottom of my heart, I LOVE YOU. I do not take you for granted and I can’t wait to spend another year together.


Jenkins Christmas Card | 2011

Merry Christmas from THAT family…

…you know, the ones with
*backyard chickens
*five cars parked in the driveway and two project cars in the garage
*four trailers, three dogs, two horses, a banjo
*enough ammo to survive the zombie apocalypse.

[3] Things I Learned at the Kid Rock CARE Concert

Kid Rock is really, really, REALLY good live. Really good. Kid Rock can sing. Kid Rock can play the guitar. Kid Rock can play the drums. Kid Rock can spin a mad turntable. Also, Kid Rock is super-sexy, in a street-wise hillbilly kind of way. 


My friend Christi is a total bad-ass and can work a GA crowd like no one I’ve ever seen. Need to four-wheel through a dirt parking lot to get a great parking space? No problem, she’ll even back the car in. (Me: “Wow, Christi, I’m a little turned on right now.” Scott: “I’m a little scared right now….aaaaannnndddd a little turned on.”) Need to get a wrist-band for the 21+ level of the club? Christi finds a bouncer wandering around and we totally cut the massive line at the stairs. Need to mow through a thousand people to get in the beer line? Done. Need to get closer to the stage? No problem. Christi knows someone who knows someone who happens to have a great spot on the main floor. Someone standing a little too close, maybe rubbing up on you a little too much? Count on Christi to turn around, give a polite smile, and tell him/her to “Back the F**K off.” Oh, and that sweet parking space that the car is backed into means that you’re out of the parking lot afterwards in, oh, approximately 37-seconds.


Kid Rock has a heart of gold. He is living proof that you can have fun, make money AND do good.

The purpose of the CARE tour is to support the Kid Rock foundation AND local charities at each tour stop.  As the lyric says:

I cant stop the war
Shelter homeless, feed the poor
Cant walk on water I cant save your sons and daughters
I cant change the world to make things fair
The least that I can do is care

The show would have been a bargain at twice the price.

I love you to the moon and back.

If you listen to NPR you know about Story Corps. (If you don’t listen to NPR, you can find out more about Story Corps here.) I’ve listened to a few Story Corps stories and well…meh. You know what I mean? I just thought they were kind of boring and whatever. Not my cup of tea. And, I’m not gonna lie, when Story Corps comes on I generally turn it back to X-96 to see if I can catch the Boner of the Day or something.

For some reason today I listened to Story Corps. The story was about a couple that were in love as children and then reunited 20-years after going their separate ways. And, I’m not gonna lie, I got a little misty at the end of it. Ruined my sweet sweet eyeliner before I even got to the office.

I thought to myself, “Have I turned into a cheesy romantic?”


See there is just one thing I know for sure: God is love. Big, wild, ridiculous, whole-hearted love. And the more you love, the bigger your heart gets and the more you have capacity to love. It’s endless.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the lovely love story from Story Corps. It reminded me of this lovely picture. Which reminded me of this other lovely love story.

Ah, love.

by Sam McBratney

Little Nutbrown Hare, who was going to bed, held on tight to Big Nutbrown Hare’s very long ears. He wanted to be sure that Big Nutbrown Hare was listening.
“Guess how much I love you,” he said.
“Oh, I don’t think I could guess that,” said Big Nutbrown Hare.
“This much,” said Little Nutbrown Hare, stretching out his arms as wide as they could go.
Big Nutbrown Hare had even longer arms. “But I love YOU this much,” he said.
Hmm, that is a lot, thought Little Nutbrown Hare.
“I love you as high as I can reach.” said Little Nutbrown Hare.
“I love you as high as I can reach,” said Big Nutbrown Hare.
That is quite high, thought Little Nutbrown Hare. I wish I had arms like that.
Then Little Nutbrown Hare had a good idea. He tumbled upside down and reached up the tree trunk with his feet.
“I love you all the way up to my toes!” he said.
“And I love you all the way up to your toes,” said Big Nutbrown Hare, swinging him up over his head.
“I love you as high as I can HOP!” laughed Little Nutbrown Hare, bouncing up and down.
“But I love you as high as I can hop,” smiled Big Nutbrown Hare – and he hopped so high that his ears touched the branches above.
That’s good hopping, thought Little Nutbrown Hare. I wish I could hop like that.
“I love you all the way down the lane as far as the river,” cried Little Nutbrown Hare.
“I love you across the river and over the hills,” said Big Nutbrown Hare.
That’s very far, thought Little Nutbrown Hare. He was almost too sleepy to think any more. Then he looked beyond the thorn bushes, out into the big dark night. Nothing could be further than the sky.
“I love you right up to the MOON,” he said, and closed his eyes.
“Oh, that’s far,” said Big Nutbrown Hare. “That is very, very far.”
Big Nutbrown Hare settled Little Nutbrown Hare into his bed of leaves. He leaned over and kissed him good night.

Then he lay down close by and whispered with a smile, “I love you right up to the moon – AND BACK.”

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