Today I Am Grateful For: Work, Friends and Work Friends

I start a new job tomorrow. (I know, right?!) So, things have been a little crazy the last few weeks. Well, they’ve been a lot crazy, but that’s pretty typical.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the job I left today. LOVED. Loved the company. Loved the products. Loved my team. Loved my role. Loved the opportunities ahead. The problem is that my new off-the-hook-super-amazing-genius-mentor left to start a digital marketing team and asked me to come and work for him. AND it’s a great company. AND it’s great products. AND it’s a great team. AND I love the role. AND I love the opportunities ahead.

So I said “Yes, Jerry McGuire, I will grab my goldfish and I will go with you.”

The job that I left today was the first job I’ve ever had – and I’ve been doing this for 16 years now – where I wasn’t hired by someone that I knew. They found me on LinkedIn. (I know, right?!)

When I interviewed for the job I knew that I had found a bunch of kindred spirits – people who considered Tony Jaros to be a bit of a demigod, who understood the power of a marketing automation platform, who had not only closed the loop, but always thought there was a better way to get it done, and who had figured out the thing that has eluded tech marketers for a decade: how to prove that we contribute revenue to the business.

Right after my interview I met my friend Lisa (who I was working with at the time) for lunch and the first words out of her mouth when she saw me were “You’re going to take that job, aren’t you.”

I didn’t think that I believed in fate, but I really really believe that I was meant to meet all of these people.

So today, I wanted to say THANK YOU to the team I left today, for everything they taught me about what we do for a living, but more for everything they taught me about life in general:

  • MW taught me the concept of being “Big Timed.”  (This is when you unceremoniously get kicked out of a conference room – which you have legitimately booked – by someone who outranks you or has a bigger entourage.) I fully plan to use this phrase for the rest of my career and may or may not claim it as my own in the future.
  • KS taught me that you can make treats that taste as delicious as they look.
  • My amazing sales guys taught me that with perseverance and infinite patience, you can have incredible results, despite all of the obstacles a huge organization can and will throw at you.
  • JF taught me how to play kick-ball, and RC (a.k.a. “The Death Kicker”) taught me how to compete at it.
  • SS, CS, BBM, BK, DT, SM, MC, and SL taught me how to get up on a wakeboard which is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Ever.
  • SH taught me how to grill steak and salmon in mouth-watering new ways and taught me that having a two-day office “grill-off-slash-Bobby-Flay-Style-throw-down” is genius on so many levels.
  • BK, BC, NE, JV, and RH taught me the value of smart, driven interns and that BYU is cranking out some serious talent. (This does not mean, however, that I will ever root for any BYU sports teams.)
  • SM taught me what it takes to succeed at a healthy lifestyle. (I think he’d make a mint with a line of “What Would SM do?” bracelets. Think about it.)
  • SS taught me that you can be beautiful, stylish, wicked smart at what you do, respected by your peers, and have a lovely life at home.
  • MC taught me that a real leader invests in the professional development of his people and taught me how much commitment it takes to create culture on a team.
  • RW taught me that paying attention to the tiniest of details at an event can make a huge huge impact and gave me the most beautiful day of my entire life.
  • SH and SM taught me that it’s important to love your kids, but it’s more important to LIKE them.
  • JF and BB taught me the difference between SHAVE Ice and SHAVED Ice. It’s a big difference. A big, delicious difference.
  • There are 18 of my coworkers that taught me to love myself enough to rock a shiny red spandex bodysuit.

And last, but not least, Jared Budge taught me there is only one way to live your life: whole-hearted.

Thank you to SM for finding me and introducing me to all of these incredible people. Thank you to my sales guys for putting up with me this year. And especially, thank you to BM and MC,  my amazing amazing team – they made my job so easy.

However it was that we met, I am so glad that we did. I am glad for the friendships that we forged, I am so glad that you are in my life.

And to my new off-the-hook-super-amazing-genius-mentor: THANK YOU for this absolutely incredible opportunity. I am BEYOND excited.

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  1. I read your thing about Chicken in a Biscuit obituaries, and it was fantastic. Then it randomly recommended this post. And I’m pleased that it did.

    You’re awesome. 🙂

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