Today I Am Grateful For: The Twins

Alek has an incredible group of friends. I was thinking the other day that if I was stranded at the side of the road and needed some sort of manly assistance and Alek was on shift that there are probably a dozen guys I could call that would come and help me out (other than my Dad of course.)

As a general rule, Alek’s friends are good, good guys. They are kind, happy, talented, hilarious and always down for whatever. They are just, well, chill.  They are also insanely, extremely, beyond helpful. They are helpful in all the ways that you dread having to be helpful to others, you know? Like they will help you move stuff.

I hope Alek’s friends all know that they are all welcome in our home anytime, for any reason.

The Twins have been a fixture in the House of House from the beginning. (In fact, on our first date, Alek parked his motorcycle in their driveway and we stood there talking for hours.) Lately, we have been asking a lot of favors from The Twins and, being the good good guys that they are, they have come through for us over and over again.

I always have my sights set on these big, hairy projects, projects that really have no hope of getting done without The Twins. The twins have spent more time helping us box, pack, move stuff, organize, build, prep, paint, move more stuff, run errands, organize some more and move even more stuff than any friend probably ever should. And they refuse to take any money for anything unless you tell them that they can’t come and help unless they will let you give them some money or buy them dinner. And even then, they aren’t doing it for the money or the dinner, they’re just doing it because they’re great.

They always say “that’s just what friends do.”

In addition to their hard work they are lovely guys. They are sweet and kind. Their Dad passed away when they were young and they take care of their Mom’s house. They built an amazing deck for her this summer.

They love animals. Jaron took care of Lucy when she had to go in for her eye surgery and I had to go out of town. I would have trusted no one else with that job. This spring they found a bird’s nest in the tree outside their window and made sure that the eggs were protected until they could hatch. I’m not even kidding.

They garden. They cook. They bake a killer chocolate chip cookie. They are creative. Jaron sculpts and Jason throws pots. This week they collaborated and made us these kick-ass magnets:

Alek and I do this sign all the time, our wedding stationary was based on it.
They also made us these kick-ass magnets:

 I thought these were HILARIOUS because of a whole other set of inside jokes between me and Alek, but that is neither here nor there.
THE POINT IS, The Twins. They have reduced an unbelievable amount of stress in our lives with all of their help. They make our lives easier and better. They take care of us in so many ways. It is comforting to know that they are there and that they love us. I hope they know I love them too.
I guess that’s just what friends do.

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