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I am demanding that Alek be a “Man of Leisure” during his off time this winter and a couple of weeks ago he brought home this beauty:

Apple TV is most definitely something every Man of Leisure needs. I love this thing. It’s pretty enough to sit outside of our TV console thingy, it was insanely easy to hook up, it streams all of our music, photos, Netflix, and a bazillion Internet radio stations. It was only $99. Oh, and there is a new app that just streams movie trailers. Love!

I’m sure that everyone out there with an Apple TV is thinking: “Um, yeah. Where the hell have you been?”

Moving on.

When we first discovered Dexter there were many nights spent running around to every Red Box / Video Store / Friend’s House / Best Buy / whatever to get our hands on DVDs. So, I was pretty stoked to start watching Breaking Bad on our shiny new Apple TV.

Mom has been a Breaking Bad evangelist for a while, and last time Alek was on shift I watched the pilot. I knew Alek would love it so when he got home I told him he should relax and watch the pilot before he took a nap, and yada yada yada, he didn’t take a nap. And yada yada yada, we haven’t been in bed before 1:00 AM in the last week and a half. I am CRAZY about this show. CRAZY!! I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t stop talking about it.

If you aren’t watching Breaking Bad, here’s the premise: an over-qualified 50-year old high school chemistry teacher with a 16-year old son with cerebral palsy and a surprise baby on the way is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. So to insure his family has some money after he dies he hooks up with a former student slash junkie and cooks up the purest most amazing crystal meth ever. Oh, and since deep down these two guys are nice, normal people with nice, normal problems, they pretty much suck at the drug game. Oh, and did I mention that his brother in law works for the DEA? Shit hits the fan, hell breaks loose. All of the characters have so many layers and are so different then they seem on the surface and did I mention I am CRAZY about this show?

I’m sure that everyone out there watching Breaking Bad on a regular basis is thinking: “Um, yeah. Where the hell have you been?”

Moving on.

All of this brings me to a new song that I am CA-RAZY about: DLZ by TV On The Radio. It’s loud and quiet and desperate and angry and powerful and sad all at the same time.

I bet you can guess where I first heard this lovely.

I told you.


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