The Unofficial Trip Report

92% of business dinners with fun and interesting people end up with everyone telling their crazy stories about business travel. The other 8% end up with all of you going out and doing crazy things together that you can tell stories about later. And then eventually you become friends for life with those people and that’s the best part of business.  

(Sidebar: Business dinners with boring people that only want to talk about business all night may just rank #3 on my list of what I would consider to be “Personal Hell.” I have about a 14 hour threshold for business talk and then I want to explode. I feel like this is an acceptable level that would get me through a long-ass day followed by dinner. But at some point you have just got to STOP with the business talk because life is short. But I digress…)

Thursday night I had a business dinner with some new people that turned out to be interesting and fun. I mean, how often do you run into someone who has the same passion for really great homemade pickles as you do?

Anyways, as predicted by my super-scientific method, the meal ended up with some crazy business travel stories and I heard the BEST description of Chicago Business Travel EVER:

“So we were wandering around Michigan Avenue and I was trashed and they were trashed and it was ri-dic-ulous…” (drifts off) “…But not like Las Vegas. I mean, that’s a whole different kind of crazy.”

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

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