The Ultimate House Party: Rehearsal | Out-of-Towners Dinner


One of the things that made us feel so loved at our wedding was that so many people traveled so far to be there. We had guests from Hawaii, Detroit, London, Redding, Los Angeles, New York City, Cleveland, Phoenix, San Francisco, Rexburg (it’s kind of like a strange, faraway place, right?), Boston, Washington DC,  Star Valley (Wyoming), and Logan (Utah). I mention Logan because my 92 year old grandpa made the trek down from Logan on the wrong shuttle bus to the wrong bus stop on the wrong day. Thank God it was at least a bus to Salt Lake and a very nice Southwest Airlines Sky Cap came across him and called us to pick him up. 
 For our rehearsal/out-of-towners dinner we wanted to keep things casual (or as casual as The Cheaping Girls ever get) and fun and we wanted yummy food, so we had The Chow Truck cater at my parent’s place. The weather was perfect, the food was delicious and the people, well, they were the best part of all. 
I can’t really express enough what it meant to us to have all of these people spend time and money and effort and pack and haul babies through airports and/or find babysitters and wait for connecting flights and miss work and school and life just to do it all again and unpack later and do laundry and just deal with everything that travel entails in general.
The least we could do is buy them a taco.
Appetizers: Asian spiced root chips and Panko-fried shrimp
Tacos /Sliders: Coconut lemon grass chicken, Pineapple ginger pork, Spicy beef with cilantro chili pesto, Panko fried tofu, Asian spiced calamari
Drinks: Martinelli’s Sparkling Lemonade. 
Everyone went crazy for this. We went through 24 bottles. P.S. How hot does Alek look in this picture?
Dessert: Red Velvet Cake*
Sidebar: Alek found out about his job at West Valley the Monday before the wedding. At the last minute I found someone that could pull off a groom’s cake with just 3 days notice and it turned out PERFECTLY! Groom-y AND funny (we have an inside joke about Red Velvet cake) AND DELICIOUS! 
*Oh, and Jodi didn’t take the picture of the cake as it was a suprise for Alek that I hid away until the last possible moment. Just in case you were wondering.
One day, sort of out of the blue my Dad called me at the office.
“What would you think about having live music at the rehearsal dinner?”
“That would be great!”
“I’ll call you back.” Hangs up.
5 minutes later
“OK, It’s all set.”
This is pretty much how my Dad operates in all aspects of his life. Swift decision, swift action, awesome results. The three-piece bluegrass/swing combo that he booked was SO SO SO GREAT and they provided a really nice vibe for the whole evening. 
Estelle wins for the most miles traveled, but also wins for the most stylish person ever after a 12 hour international flight, two plane transfers, a taxi ride, finding her way into the Chocolate Loft (a bit tricky) and driving a strange car with a manual transmission on the right/wrong side of the road to a strange place with no sleep in 36 hours. She looked perfectly lovely and arrived with the most GORGEOUS bunch of flowers for my Mom from the most swanky flower shop in Salt Lake City.
This was Uncle Perry’s first time seeing Future Boy. He won the “What will the baby weigh?” contest earlier this summer. His prize was that he got to name the baby Spartacus. (Not really but that would have been awesome, right?)
These kids met approximately 2 minutes before this photo was taken. Why can’t adults be more open and excited just to meet new people and play? I just decided that I’m going to try to live my life more like the kids in this picture.
This is my cousin Jonathan and my Grandpa. Grandpa is taking a break (see above adventures) and so is Jonathan. See, Jonathan had an early morning flight and we put him to work promptly upon arrival setting up tables and chairs and hanging lanterns up all over the back yard. He was a fantastic sport about all of it.

And finally, I don’t know if pictures can really convey just how much work my Dad put into his yard this summer in preparation for the wedding. In addition to the regular maintenance, he hand watered all of the flowers and hanging pots every single night. And it’s not fun. I had to do it for a week while they were on vacation and it’s a wonder that he didn’t just tell me to pound sand and have our dinner at Denny’s. Also, I’m pretty sure he’s the one that picked up all of the dog poop too. Now THAT’S love.
P.S. All photos (except noted awesomely bad photo that I took of the Groom’s cake) are by Jodi Palmer at A Yummy Life Photography.

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  1. Pam

    Awwwweee, it seems so long ago already. I wish we could go back in time and enjoy it all again! But Jodi’s pictures are as close as we can get. You can’t have enough pictures in life!

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