One of Alek’s firefighter internships was with Truck 2 in Salt Lake City (a.k.a. ‘Two’s.’)  Two’s actually cover our neighborhood and we see them all the time because we have a lot of car crashes, bum-fights and drunk people out and about getting into trouble after a night at the bars. Also, old ladies fall down at Temple Square a lot in the winter months. The crew Alek worked with is easy to spot because the firefighter driving the back of the truck has long curly black hair that pokes out from under his helmet.

These guys are seriously cool and have been incredibly supportive over the last year as Alek has been going through the paramedic program. Come to think of it, everyone that Alek has interacted with in the fire service over the last two years has been seriously cool and incredibly supportive. Firefighters really are everything you think they are – smart, nice, fun, funny, handsome, heroic, loyal, calm under pressure, with just a little bit of mad-crazy-risk-taker thrown in for good measure.

Alek got a call from Two’s yesterday and they presented him with a lovely lovely gift to welcome him to the fire service – a St. Florian medallion to wear while he is at work and a coin for me to carry around in my purse. (Awww! I’m officially the wife of a firefighter!)

St. Florian is the patron of Firefighters. (Sidebar: I’m not super-familiar with the concept of Patron Saints but the prayer card they gave us said that there is a feast day on May 4th and I’m always down for an excuse for a feast! Mark your calendars!!!)

Firefighter’s Prayer
Oh, Almighty God, whose great power and eternal wisdom embraces the universe, watch over all Firefighters. 
Protect them from harm in the performance of their duty to fight fire, save lives and preserve property.
We pray, help them to keep our homes and buildings safe day and night.
We recommend them to Your loving care because their duty is dangerous.
Grant them Your unending strength and courage in their daily assignments.
Dear God, protect these brave persons. Grant them your almighty protection and unite them safely with their families after duty has ended.

Amen indeed.

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