Sneak Peeks: The Ultimate House Party

Saturday was the happiest, most amazing, most wonderful day of my life. I could feel every bit of love there was in the world for me. Every single thing in my life was in its right place. Also, it was a hell of a good time with our insanely fun family and friends. When I think back on it I get all warm and fuzzy and tingly and all that good stuff.

Jodi has started posting sneak peeks of the wedding. There is just something about Jodi’s pictures. They capture EXACTLY how it FELT. Not how it LOOKED. How it FELT. The warm and the fuzzy and the tingly and the love and the everything in its right place all that good stuff.

Jodi – I don’t know what to say other than…I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE REST!

Oh, and I LOVE YOU.

Oh, and THANK YOU.

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