Half Man | Half Pig: Dirty Dash 2011

Besides than the fact that the race director starts each wave off by saying “If you care what your finish time is, you’re at the wrong race,” here are 17 more reasons why you should sign up to run in the mud next year:

1. Sweet Temporary Tattoos!
2. No Pre-Race Lines at the Honey Buckets (WHAT?!) 

3. MUD!
6. Slick Hill Climbs!
 7. Tires!
8. Rope Walls!
9. Rope Swings!
10. Balance Beams! (I heard one man refer to this as the “Ball Buster.”)
11. Jell-o at Mile Two!! Yes, Jell-o!

12. Hay Bales!
 13. Wooden Army Wall Things!
14. Slip-N-Slide!
15. Being Squirted Down With Liquid Dish Soap To Accelerate Slip-N-Slide Pace!
16. Muddy Hand Prints On Your Bum!
17. A Hot “Shower” At The End! (a.k.a. Best $4 I Spent All Day!)

2 responses to Half Man | Half Pig: Dirty Dash 2011

  1. Kim

    Can I invite myself next time? Looks like so much fun! When is your next half marathon or any type of run? I need some motivation…..love all the pics of course

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