Dirty Birds

I loved the Dirty Dash so much that I signed up to do the Dirty Dash Corporate Challenge last Saturday with 17 of my colleagues.

(Well, TECHNICALLY, I didn’t know I’d love the Dirty Dash so much when I signed up for the Corporate Challenge, but I’m down to take a chance on stuff like that, you know?)

There was a costume contest, and we had corporate sponsorship, so we seriously upped the ante. Since the whole Dirty Dash is pig themed, we thought it only appropriate to dress as Angry Birds. It all started with the heads, which probably would have done the trick, but then someone said we should wear shiny red head to toe spandex unitards, which, of course, made TOTAL sense. Oh yeah, and tutus. Tutus were a MUST.

Our costumes were so good that multiple people asked us if we were getting paid to run this – a.k.a. we didn’t like each other enough to spend a Saturday afternoon together, in red spandex, rolling in the mud.

Everyone should work with people that are this fun.


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