This Is Why I Live in Utah

When I tell anyone that I live in Utah, I always put it out there, ready to jump in about why Utah is not as weird as everybody thinks it is, and why it’s an incredible place to live and work. How Mormon’s are really for the most part nice, hard-working, educated, entrepreneurial people who really like their kids. How the liquor laws really aren’t THAT bad and how the outdoor activities really are THAT good. 
Still, most people think it’s weird to be from Utah, so I thought I’d start a new series: This is Why I Live in Utah. (No commitment as to its regularity, so hey, enjoy at least this one effort!)
Sidebar: I’m not one of those people that’s hung up on living in the place where I grew up forever. I’m game to see where life takes me. However, it’s going to take a lot to match my life right here, right now. But I digress.
The point is: Utah.
Tonight we went on an absolutely gorgeous seven mile hike/trail run…that is FIVE minutes from our house. Five minutes, maybe six if you hit all the red lights. At the top of the canyon you can see from downtown Salt Lake City south past Draper and all the way west to the great Salt Lake.
This is why I live in Utah! This is my backyard! I can see this view in five minutes! 
Well, five minutes plus two and a half hours of hiking. But still.

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