My Favorite Part of The 4th of July This Year

My favorite part of the 4th of July this year is that Little G has learned my name. “Onnneee Naaallleee.” She was really keen on me today. I know this is because I happened to be around and available when she wanted to “walky walky” upstairs at GiGi’s house to play “Make Foodie” in the Little Kitchen, but I don’t care. Also, I changed two fully loaded diapers today, which I’m pretty sure makes me the best Auntie ever.

At the 4th of July Spectacular Weaver BBQ at the Salt Lake Country Club she was fascinated with the glow sticks that Papa and GiGi brought for the kids. Little G is SO SO cute and SO SO crazy and SO SO fun. We’ve put many labels on her, but tonight her cousin’s may have created the best one ever: “Glow Stick Devil.”

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