Today I am in Waltham, Massachusetts. A very passionate, very local, very Italian cab driver just spent fifteen minutes explaining that it is pronounced “WALTH-HAM” not “WALTH-UM.” (OK, that’s an exaggeration. It was like, fourteen and a half minutes.) Long story short, only “snooty” people from Cambridge pronounce it “WALTH-UM.” I am going to Cambridge tomorrow so I guess I’ll have to get my snoot on. 
If you’re ever in Walth-ham, go to Taqueria el Amigo. It’s yummy and it’s cheap. Like $2.50 for a bowl of fresh, hand-made guacamole cheap. 
On the way back from dinner we walked by this park where a bunch of people were playing league kickball. Yes, kickball. In a league. With Team T-Shirts. Throwing that red rubber ball at each other and everything. How awesome is that?

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