Lazy Sunday

3:30 AM: Wake-Up Call. (Balls! It is early!) The cat has taken a shining to me. Have scratched off half my face in the night. Apparently no amount of Zyrtec can match a cat sleeping on my pillow.
4:30 AM: Cab Arrives. Bye Lea! Sniff! (SO jelly that she’s going back to bed right now.) Cabbie is listening to the most God awful boring book on tape I’ve ever heard.
6:00 AM: Rocking chairs at my gate? That is quite honestly the most odd amenity I’ve ever seen at an airport. I really want to sit in one, but I’m afraid I will fall asleep and miss my flight.
8:30 AM-ish: Wake up at O’Hare. Too tired make a trek to Garrett’s for popcorn. Stumble straight to Starbucks for an Iced-Venti-Nonfat-One-Equal-Latte. (The official drink of summer.) Buy US Weekly to keep me awake for the layover.
12:20 PM:  Alek is waiting for me at the baggage claim. This is probably one of my most favorite things in the whole wild world. It’s incredibly romantic, getting picked up at baggage claim, don’t you think?
12:45 PM: Mimosa in hand. Brunch on the patio at The Garage. (The official patio of summer.) It’s about a million degrees outside and we are baking and I love it. They have a DJ on the patio. Music is fab but a bit, well, disco for the setting and I love it. Shirtless (notice I did not say “vest-less“) bikers are having a hard time wrapping their heads around this. I really want the burger but they don’t serve it until 2:00 so I order Fried Chicken and Waffles. I think this is a reaction to the heat and my vegetarian Saturday. It’s delicious but I feel sick afterwards. Sort of like eating an entire bag of Doritos in one sitting.
2:00 PM: Let’s lay down just for a min…ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
4:30 PM: Balls!! 
4:31 PM: Balls! Balls!! We are due at a family BBQ in 30 minutes. We need to shower, get gas in the car, buy/make/somehow source dessert for said BBQ, drive 20 minutes south, and it would really make sense to clean the chicken coop since it’s on the way, and I should probably stop by and see Janaan and the baby and unpack, do laundry, check email, write a blog post, clean the bathroom, pay bills, call my Grandma, get those photos into albums, organize my sock drawer…
(Note to self: try to hang on to precious Sunday-Nap-Zen for more than 60 seconds next time.)

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