Friday Flashback: Oakley Rodeeeeoooooo-oh-yow!

 Oakley Rodeo, July 2009

Every year we kick-off the 4th of July weekend at the Oakley Rodeo.This is how it goes down. Even though we’ve all been up there a million times we get separated on the drive up and end up taking our own favorite “top secret awesome” way to the “best” parking lot. Dad ALWAYS gets there first because the rest of us are idiots and his way really is the best. It starts out HOT and ends up COLD, so we’re all hauling around blankets and hoodies and hats and sunglasses. We go to the VIP tent with all the cowboys and eat a cowboy dinner (we cowboy it up so we look legit, albeit in a city-slicker-kind-of-way). Then we head to our seats. Dad ALWAYS gets there first because the rest of us get distracted by sodas and cotton candy and candy and shaved ice and bathrooms and taking pictures. Then it’s two hours of GREAT cowboys, SO BAD THEY’RE GOOD clowns, GIGGLING every time the announcer says “bucking chute” and fighting SQUIRMING babies before fireworks.You can’t see it in this picture but Alek was wearing a PRETTY SWEET, PRETTY HUGE belt-buckle with a Viking on it (He actually owns this belt buckle. I’m not kidding). The horns on the Viking’s helmet dug into his belly the entire time, but we all got a good laugh out of it. TOTALLY worth it.

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