Chad Hoopes is Amazing

Tonight my cousin Chad Hoopes was the guest artist at the Deer Valley Music Festival,  playing Vivaldi’s Four Season’s with the Utah Symphony at the gorgeous gorgeous St. Mary’s Church in Park City.  It was a rare privilege to not only have him here, but to see him perform with the symphony in such an intimate setting. And, I LOVE any opportunity to catch up with his fabulous parents. And I also love any opportunity to get all dressed up and hold hands with Alek and listen to great music.
Chad was amazing. He was forty minutes solid of nonstop amazing.
And I mean AMAZING amazing. Not amazing like “Wow, that new fresh mint limeade that they have at Cafe Rio is amazing.” No, I mean the kind of amazing that makes you wonder how a human being can create something so beautiful. The kind of amazing that makes you contemplate the meaning of life and love and God and the universe. The kind of amazing that makes you believe that anything is possible. 
And he’s only 16. 
Which then makes you wonder what exactly it was again that you were doing at 16. But you try not to think about that too much. You just enjoy, because it is a gift to know him and hear him play, and he’s just getting started. 
P.S. Check out this feature on Chad in the Salt Lake Tribune.

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