$294 to Go!

We went on another hike today. Actually, it was the same hike that we did last night except this time I wore my hiking boots instead of my running shoes. And this time we started at 2:00 PM instead of 8:00 PM, in 90+ degree heat, ON PURPOSE. Alek has a Firefighter physical text next week at 1:30 PM and he wants to be ultra-prepared. So I hiked and he mountain biked in a long sleeved shirt, helmet, gloves, the whole works.

It was HOT. HOT HOT HOT. Afterwards, Alek offered me some of his icy cold Lemon Rockstar Recovery Drink (which I refer to as “Douche Juice”). It.was.delicious. It hit the spot. I loved it. LOVED.IT. I am now afraid I’m going become one of those people carrying Rockstars around. What’s next, jeans with sparkly embellishments the butt pockets?? Oh well.

Also, if I paid $300 for these hiking boots and I “earn” back $1 for every time I actually wear them on a hike, by my calculations I have approximately $294 to go! (And no, I’m not going to tell you how long ago I bought them. Alright it was four summers ago.)

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