Friday Flashback: NFR 2010

It thought it would be fun to post an old photo every Friday because Friday flashback has a nice ring to it. This whole thing will probably get derailed by next Friday, but a girl can dream can’t she? 
This photo is from the National Finals Rodeo, circa 2010. My Dad gets tickets to the NFR every year and it is always a great time with lots of fun shopping, yummy eats and of course, cowboys. It’s the only time that we’re out in public that we can’t easily spot my Dad because there are lots of very handsome well-groomed-gray-haired-Dad-type figures walking around in Faconnable shirts, Levi’s and expensive cowboy boots. 
I found out the hard way that I have to wear a mask to the rodeo because of my allergies. Have you seen the movie Hitch? Yeah, that pretty much sums up me after the NFR, sans mask. My dreams of being a large animal vet have all flitted away. Ha ha.
Janaan LOVES sitting next to me with the mask. I know it. Actually, I think she just likes taking pictures of me and making fun of me later (and also making fun of me while we’re there come to think of it.) I wonder what other people think? SARS? Probably. 
No matter, the rodeo is a damn good time and seeing how happy the whole scene makes my Dad makes any minor embarrassment totally worthwhile.

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