Dad + The Balloons

We shot our engagement photos last night at a park near my parent’s house. It was one of those weird wicked stormy summer days where it was lightning one minute and pure calm the next. The lighting was PERFECT. We had a lot of props – a couch, a chair, a huge picture frame and, in keeping with true Cheaping Girl fashion, we had balloons. BIG GIGANTIC WHITE BALLOONS. (Janaan ordered these online a couple of summers ago and we’ve been waiting for the right moment to bust them out and what could be more perfectly wonderfully cheesy and happy and carefree than balloons for your engagement pictures? They were fabulous but they cost $11 to blow up! Crazy! But I digress.) So, we had to bring in reinforcements. Mom was there, of course, but Dad had some meeting of the Crusty Bastards that he’d cooked up to talk about the Chevelle or the Tow-Mater Dodge Truck Project or Guns or Shooting or something so he was out….or so he thought. Those Bastards didn’t show up so we roped him into the photo shoot. And of course, it was awesome. He made sure we didn’t lose the balloons until the proper time that we actually MEANT to lose them. He brought a giant board in case we needed to block the wind. And he played some Credence Clearwater Revival while we mock-slow danced in the middle of a field. It was perfect.

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  1. Kim

    I always thought your dad was awesome. Can’t wait to see the engagement photos! Still thinking about our brunch….so fun. I love you and with Alek in the equation now…you are one of the happiest couples I know. Such a good example for moi! Kara and I couldn’t stop discussing how happy you look!

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