Start Spreading The News! New York City Pt. 1

We just got back from THE.MOST.FUN.TRIP.EVER. 

After I got engaged, Mom and Janaan and I started cooking up a girls trip. It was the perfect storm. I was engaged (whoop!), I had some American Airlines miles that I had to use this year, and we wanted to squeeze in one last epic shopping trip before Janaan has Future Boy and it gets harder to leave her fab husband behind to watch the babies.

The only problem was, where to go, where to go? See, the reason I had so many miles about to expire is that American doesn’t have many flights out of the SLC.

We had two key criteria for where to take our trip: 1: Good Shopping. 2: Good Food. (I’m not really the walk-around-with-a-plastic-penis-straw-in-your-drink-and-flash-your-boobies-to-strange-men-on-a-bachelorette-trip type. Not that there’s anything wrong with that because I’ve had some very fun times drinking out of penis straws. But I digress…) The flight schedules gave us five choices of cities: Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Dallas or Austin.

We had pretty much narrowed it down to Chicago or New York when I heard from my lovely friend Estelle that she was going to be in New York for work during the first week of May. And that pretty much sealed the deal. See, Estelle lives in London. So if she is on the same continent as me, I simply must see her!

Estelle is one of my very most favorite people. Ever. She is one of those rare and precious gifts that you can get out of a job – a true friend for life.

When I first met Estelle I was extremely intimidated. She’s beautiful, speaks English, French and Spanish fluently, studied at schools in four countries, had been around the company much longer than I had and really knew her shit, was respected by everyone who worked with her, is wicked smart, direct, and excellent at what she does and she did it all with this beautiful accent that I couldn’t quite place because she sort of made it up for herself. I really REALLY wanted her to like me.

Estelle was the Me of Europe and over the six years that we worked together she taught me so much about who I wanted to become in my career. How I wanted to work. What I wanted people to think about me. She pushed me to be better. She taught me how being assertive got you much further than being a push-over. A lesson I wish I had learned many years ago. She made me laugh. We bonded over countless shared crazy experiences with the people we worked with and many many weekends shopping in San Francisco.

Outside of work, Estelle has been such a lovely friend to me. She has shown me so much love and so much support. She has racked up unknown amounts of mobile phone charges listening to all of my sad and all of my happy stories. She has flown out of her way to see my world, to have Sunday dinner with my family and morning smoothies with Alek. She has sent me many packages filled with FABULOUS gifts from Paperchase and Topshop and Hennes and Primark. She introduced us to Tommy Tippee.

Now I am watching with fascination as she still does everything that she always did so well, and is also an amazing mother to her GORGEOUS son Louis. In case you’re wondering, I’m still a little intimidated.

So yeah, we were not passing Go, we were not collecting $200. We were going to NEW YORK SIT-TEE for GOOD SHOPPING, GOOD FOOD and to see ESTELLE!

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  1. Good. Now I am crying reading this… natalie, I know I have already sent you waaaaay too many drunken text messages saying this but I love you. I really, really do. And on that blogspot, just one thing: right back atcha!! xxx

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