Look at What Mom Found for Me Today!

I get the whole thing with Tom’s. I GET IT. One for One. It’s AWESOME. I want to put shoes on kids too. But I’ve always thought that Tom’s, were…well…meh. Meh. And they didn’t look very comfortable.

And then a few weeks ago I was at the gas station and this gorgeous woman was at the pump next to me. She was driving a white Range Rover. She had stick straight blond hair pulled back into a loose pony tail. You know, the kind of ponytail that looks totally perfectly unplanned but probably took an hour to arrange just so. She had on super dark True Religion jeans and SPARKLY BLACK TOM’S. She was oh.so.VERY.chic.

I wanted those Tom’s.

So the search for sparkly black Tom’s was on like Donkey Kong. Problem is, Tom’s are all the rage these days and the black sparkly Tom’s were nowhere to be found. Not in Utah, not in New York City.

Mom had given up on Tom’s and went to Nordstrom yesterday to get some Tory Burch flats instead and GUESS WHAT? A fresh shipment of SPARKLY BLACK TOM’S had arrived that morning. And they had Mom’s size! And they had MY SIZE!!

And the black sparkle Tom’s are oh so cute and oh so comfortable. I mean, I had sort of lost interest in the comfort factor once I saw Ms. Black Sparkley at the gas station. So the fact that they feel so great on my feet was a nice cherry on top of the black sparkle shoe sundae.  

Now, for the Range Rover.

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