Heeeelllloooo Lover!!!!

I KNOW! I need to post about New York! This week has been mental!


It’s only Tuesday.

THE POINT IS, I arrived home after a LLLLOOONNNGGG day yesterday and guess what was on the doorstep??? These LOVELIES. The Kate Space CeeCee.

Guess where I’m going to be wearing these???!!!

They are oh so perfect.

One of my goals while in New York was to buy shoes for the wedding. Shoes, glorious shoes!! OK, let’s be honest, I justified every purchase on that trip by relating it in some way to the wedding. But really, I wanted to get wedding shoes and I wanted to get them from Kate Spade. 

Oh, HOLD…Alek is weighing-in with his version of this post (told in a high-female-like-voice, a la Mrs. Doubtfire):

Deeeeeaaaaar Blog, 

I bought these shoes! Theeeeeeeyy’re amaaaaazzzing. I can’t wait for the wedding!


Thanks Babah.

I think he’s just excited because I let him see the shoes. I won’t let him see the dress. I think that moment of walking down the aisle toward him in my dress (in these shoes!) will be so wildly incredibly romantic. Yum.

ANYWAY, while we were in New York we went to Kate Spade on 5th Avenue and I tried on a bunch of different shoes. Like so many shoes that the whole shoe-trying-on area was covered in papers and boxes and gold leather and satin and rhinestones and sparkles.

But the shoes I liked right then and there had a little bit of a stain on the satin and that was the only pair in my size. So, it was not to be. However, Alissa, our lovely sales lady wrote a note about the shoes I liked along with her number on a lovely little piece of lovely Kate Spade stationary and told me to call her and she’d find just the right shoes for me.

So I called Alissa when we got back and we talked and I told her how I had been eyeing the Kate Spade New York Custer on Nordstrom.com for months and that’s how this whole crazy Kate Spade shoe journey got started.

And Alissa found the CeeCee for me.

Don’t you just lurve the hand written note? So on point with the Kate Spade brand. Ah, that’s the marketing nerd in me coming out.

Get ready for more marketing nerd-ery. Don’t you just lurve the packaging? Pink and gold and orange and stripes? And the shoe bag says “she tucked her coral lipstick away and floated back to the party”

Perfection. I’m going to float back to my party too.

Oh, and if you’re ever in New York and in the market for a fabulous pair of shoes, stop by Kate Spade on 5th Avenue and buy from Alissa. She’s great.

Oh, and here’s a better picture of these lovelies.

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  1. Those shoes are magical! I literally squealed a little when I saw them; they are perfect wedding shoes. I can’t wait to see you in your dress, Alek must be dying!

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