Guest Blogger: The Cheaping Girls

Last Friday, while I was creating co-dynamic lead scoring models and getting booby-trapped in the ladies room at work, (Read: someone used too much toilet paper in the potty and I was the one to suffer and have to bend over and turn off the potty as it flooded the ladies room. It was really gross and it WAS NOT ME.) Mom and Janaan were off visiting Grandma Judy in Arizona and having a grand old time. I called to check in and the first words out of their mouths were “We totally had a Big Lots Evian moment today.”


It was just another day cruising up and down the aisles of the 99 Cent store – although, it really wasn’t just another day. We were actually in Phoenix and since we don’t have 99 Cent stores in Salt Lake, a trip to the 99 Cent store is a rare treat.
We planned to buy a few small items – packs of gum, breathe right nasal strips and such. But while cruising down the drink aisle we found an entire rack of hard to find miniature Martinelli’s sparking cider and juice in glass bottles AND Mom found her favorite Arnold Palmer Zero Calorie drinks. All for $.79 – $.99 a piece. It is a lucky thing that Grandma Judy is driving up in April and can bring our bounty of drinks to us. Otherwise we would have left with broken hearts – and about $100 extra dollars in the bank.

Since we were in Arizona, we made sure to make our inagural visit to Smeeks – Nie Nie’s favorite candy and toy novelty shop in Phoenix.
We got our photos taken in the booth, ate mini alpine mints in the jars by the register, and bought Georgiana fun treats for Easter and her birthday. It was quaint, it was cute and it made us wish there was something like it in Utah.

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