What the H?

On our first trip to Hawaii we randomly discovered Melona Bars at a gas station. Made in Korea, a Melona Bar looks like a pastel-green single Popsicle. It’s light, delicious, creamy, with just enough melon flavor.

While we were in Hawaii we had Melona bars every day. We thought that they were only available in Hawaii (and yes, we’ve checked the Asian markets here), but last week Janaan and I were in downtown Salt Lake City and I had to stop for gas. As I was standing at the pump, what to my wondering eyes should appear???

WTF???!!! A full box of Melona Bars???!!! Seriously???!!! They were just sitting there on the garbage can like a gift from heaven. It was extremely cold outside. And the box was full. And for a moment I thought, maybe, just maybe…I am not kidding you, if the bars had been frozen I would have eaten one, or more likely, I would have eaten all of them. But alas, they had melted. What a TRAGEDY! Oh the humanity! Who would let an entire box of Melona bars just melt?

But, the point is, they’re here!! They’re SOMEWHERE nearby! We are officially on the hunt!

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