Um, HELLO??!!

Well, we did it. We found them. Those elusive Melona ice cream bars. And not only did we find regular size Melona bars, we found mini Melona bars. And not only did we find mini Melona bars, we found another kind of melon flavored ice cream bar. And not only did we find a new kind of melon flavored ice cream bar, we found a yummy new kind of green tea ice cream bar. (Because who can pass up green tea ice cream on a stick? Not me.) And then we went straight home and ate ourselves sick. Or at least I did. Maybe the others showed some kind of restraint. I had to try them all.

And WHERE did we find all of these scrumptious goodies you might ask? Well, we found them at the Asian Market RIGHT BY MOM’S HOUSE. Seriously. I mean HELLO??!! Did we not even LOOK there when we got back from Hawaii? All this time have we just made a beeline for Hi-Chews and big fat straws at the Asian Market and thought of nothing else? Seriously?? Did we look once and they weren’t there and we just gave up? Just like that? Sheesh.

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