Thank You Kentucky!!

[March 16th, 11: 49 AM, Re: March Madness]

All—I may have missed you earlier on this—please sign up today.

Please note, this is a free competition, where the only booty (pirate usage) is the thrill of victory. THAT BEING SAID—

There are some who want to put a small wager on their brackets. If you would like to do so, let me know who’s in and give me $5. Brutsch and Marshall are already in this group, so the competition is well…enough said.

So play for free, or, if you can get your spouse’s permission, throw $5 in the pot.


[March 16th, 3:30 PM, Re: March Madness]

I am definitely in for $5. This is easy money for the rest of you because:

1. I just realized that our own little Utah State is in the Tournament. Awwww. Look at Utah, being all sporty and stuff with two teams in the tournament.

2. I was going to pick my bracket based on where I would rather go on vacation, but soon realized I did not want to take the time to learn where all of these schools are located. So in short, it became a hot mess based on where I’d most like to Travel to, where I had semi-loyalty (I lived in Texas once!), wanting to see a Utah team win / wanting to end Jimmer mania more, which school had a cooler name (Xavier!), which school had a cooler logo, which school sounded less snobby (bye bye Princeton), etc. etc.

3. I got kind of bored towards the end and decided to go with President Obama’s pick. If Kansas ends up winning then there will finally be a reason for me to pay attention to SportsCenter while I’m in the breakroom.

I do about as well on NFL pools so…looking forward to giving you some more money in the fall! 😉

— Natalie

[March 16th 3:32 PM, Re: March Madness]

Sadly, it’s this type of picking strategy from a female that always beats out every man who thinks he knows college basketball.

— Mike

[March 28th, 10:50 AM] 

 (Yes, that’s right. I WON.)

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  1. I think I probably won like $20. I don’t even want the money though, the sheer joy of winning really was enough. HA!

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