Quite Possibly the Most Important.Recipe.Ever.

I have a serious sweet tooth (Sidebar – have you read Silverlicious? It’s DARLING and I totally identified with Miss Pinkalicious’s predicament in the book.) and my sweet tooth has two major obsessions: 1. pretty much any kind of gummy candy (I will post my Ode to The Greatest Gummy Treat Ever Made: Hi-Chews another time) and 2. sugar cookies.

One of the best parts of moving back to Utah was the plethora of amazing amazing sugar cookies available in the Salt Lake Valley. I think because a lot of people don’t drink alcohol here, they have really focused on perfecting spectacular bakeries. Because everyone needs a small vice, no? Unfortunately for me, I both drink alcohol AND indulge in the amazing cakes, cupcakes, cookies and candies available here…but I digress.

Someday I hope to have a blog full of perfect pictures of all of the sugar cookies that I eat as I’m out and about, but, well today is just not that day. Nevertheless, if you are ever in Salt Lake, and you want to try the most amazing sugar cookies in the world, here is a countdown of My All Time Favorite Sugar Cookies of All Time:

6. Great Harvest Bakery. They only make sugar cookies on major holidays and you need to order ahead. I personally prefer the sugar cookies at their Draper location as they are more light and cake-y, but Mom and Janaan would say that the thin and crispy Sugarhouse Great Harvest Sugar Cookies are better. Each location does its own thing. I think Mom and Janaan might also rank Great Harvest higher up on the “must have” list, but I say they lose points since you can’t walk in there any time and get a cookie.

5. Hagermanns Bakery. Soft. Cake-y. Delicious Frosting. Yum. Hagermann’s was located dangerously close to my last job, which resulted in many sugar cookie filled lunches.

4. Granite Bakery. These are soft and cake-y and have an oh-so-perfect light glaze frosting coating almost the entire cookie. I could easily eat 4-5 in a single sitting. Yeah, I know.

3. Normandie Cafe Butterdream Cookie. Butterdream. Butter. Dream. Could they describe it better? These cookies are VERY rich, but still, I can finish one all by myself. There was a brief stint where Normandie Cafe had an outpost in the E terminal at the Salt Lake City Airport and I would pick up Butterdreams everytime I flew somewhere. Good times.

2. Cutler’s Bakery. OK, OK, so truth be told, my favorite cookies at Cutler’s are NOT their sugar cookies (although they are very good). My favorite cookies are the Lemon Meltaways. The Lemon Meltaway is very close to a sugar cookie, but the dough is more of a soft shortbread with a thick fresh lemon glaze frosting that is out of this world.

1. Despite all of these fabulous cookies at my disposal, my hands down, most favorite sugar cookies in the world are made by Miss Natalee Neilson. I worked with Natalee at Control4 and we were the only two Natalee/Natalie’s at the company. I started referring to her as “Good Natalee” and me as “Evil Natalie” because Natalee is quite possibly the most gorgeous, sweet, caring, considerate, kind, fun, happy, cheerful, joyful woman I’ve ever met. She is truly beautiful inside and out.

My first Christmastime at Control4, Natalee passed out plates piled high with sugar cookies. It was love at first bite. These cookies are divine. Soft, cake-y (yep, I like ’em soft and cake-y) and the frosting is to die for. I ate the whole plate. Then someone, perhaps thinking that I didn’t receive any of my own, offered me one of theirs. I took it.

Turns out, Natalee and I are kindred spirits when it comes to our obsession with sweets. And Natalee makes sugar cookies at every holiday. These are the cookies that she gave me last Easter weekend. (We met up in a parking lot on Saturday night at Nordstrom Rack and she traded plates and plates of Little Yellow Chicks cookies for some Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes. Yeah, we might have a problem.)

Natalee, being the beautiful, sweet, loving, joyful, happy, kind person that she is, said that I could have the recipe and post it to share with everyone.

After reading her recipe, I discovered what makes them so delicious…LOVE. Yes, I believe it. I think if you make this recipe with all of the brightness and LOVE that Natalee does, you can’t go wrong.

Please see below my Sugar Cookie recipe:

2 cups butter
2 cups sugar
6 eggs
6 tsp. baking powder
2 tsp. vanilla extract
2 tsp. almond extract
7 cups flour
LOVE – lots & lots of love

Cream butter & sugar. Add eggs, baking powder, vanilla and almond extracts. Add flour. Roll dough @ 1/3” think – bake at 375 degrees for 6-7 minutes. Add the LOVE from start to finish… 🙂

Powdered sugar
Vanilla extract
Almond extract

I will add 1 cube butter and 2-3 tbs of vanilla and almond extract per bag of powder sugar. Add milk as you go. I love frosting and like to put lots on my cookies. I will usually use 2-3 bags of powdered sugar and I use a frosting bag to frost. 🙂

Please let me know if you have any questions. 🙂 I am now craving sugar cookies… yum.


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