Curate Your Own Life

Last week I had the opportunity to hear Trey Ratcliff — creator of the #1 travel blog Stuck In Customs and pioneer of HDR photography — at a speaking engagement at Adobe.

If you are seriously into digital photography, you should check out his eBooks and his free HDR tutorial. His methodology is very scientific, based in physiology and the way that we see and perceive the world. The way his pictures make you FEEL as a result is fascinating.

If you are, like me, currently staring at a slightly dusty digital SLR camera that you shoved underneath your desk at Christmastime fully intending on learning how to use it over the holiday break, you might, like me, find this part of Mr. Ratcliff’s philosophy more inspiring:

“We are all the stars of our own movies and we should all become the curators of our own lives. People want to be INSPIRED. There is enough ugliness in the world so I choose to focus on the beauty.

There is always room for more art in the universe, you should never think that because there is already art out there that you should stop what you’re doing.”

Thank you Mr. Ratcliff. I’m going to get out my digital camera now and at least charge the batteries.

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