These Cookies Taste Like Heaven

You know how it is when someone that you love looks into your eyes, and sees YOU? I mean, really, really sees you? And it feels oh SO GOOD, it feels AMAZING, and you never ever want to let go of that gaze because you don’t get these types of gazes very often. They are very special and very rare, those gazes. You want to imprint that feeling on your memory and hold on to that beauty forever. It almost makes you uncomfortable, all of that love and all of that beauty.

That feeling, of someone seeing your soul and loving you completely, I bet that’s what heaven feels like all the time.

And French macarons from Bouchon Bakery, that’s what they taste like. They taste just like heaven. Yes, heaven is the closest approximation that I have for these gorgeous bites of delectable, delightful, divine sweetness.

These macarons are perfection. Perfectly delicate. Perfectly chewy. Perfectly flavored. And the way that the buttercream hits your tongue and melts away…well…it’s just perfect.

In my mind, the perfect Vegas evening starts at Bouchon. Have a crisp glass of champagne and some pommes frites at the bar (and if it’s on the menu that evening, have the tomato bisque soup, because it too, tastes like heaven). And then wander down and pick up a macaron at Bouchon Bakery. Then wander back to your room at the Wynn, the sexiest hotel in Vegas. Open up the blinds in your room and look at the lights on the strip as you enjoy every.last.bite.

Oh yes, heaven can be found in Las Vegas (and Yountville and New York City too).

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